Food for the Body

Studies show that milk from cows who eat only grass is packed with goodness such as anti-oxidants, Omega 3’s along with the good kind of fats. (learn more)

Care for the Earth

In a process called rotational grazing, we move our herd to different areas 2 or 3 times a day to eat fresh grass. This mimics wild herds in natural settings and restores the health of the grass, soil and ecosystem. (learn more)

Respect for Life

We believe that producing quality food on a small scale, sustainable level has important impacts locally and globally.  (learn more)

Yoghurt Reviews

“Fiddle creek dairy is about providing a healthy, quality product. It’s about taking good care of our cows, our land, each other, and our neighborhood…as our well being is taking care of, every well being is taken care of around us—the animals, the plants, and the ecosystems on the farm.”

Tim and Frances share about their vision for Fiddle Creek Dairy and its desired impact on their family and community. (Featuring violin by Frances!)