High Quality Products from 100% Grass fed Jersey cows. We farm with organic practices - no hormones, antibiotics or other chemical inputs.

Taste the quality. From the moment a calf is born, her life is nurtured by her mother, the herd, the fresh grass and fresh air, space to run; to put it simply - a no-stress life. In these circumstances, the cows give us premium milk from our once-a-day milking and we process this milk in small batches without any additives. Our yoghurt is made from two ingredients: milk and culture. We package our yoghurt in glass jars which preserves the fresh taste.


Grass-Fed Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a nutrient-dense, creamy yoghurt. It is made by straining the liquids (whey) out leaving a thick, delicious mild flavored yoghurt. Greek yoghurt can be used in baked goods, substituted for sour cream, sauces, dips, and is excellent with fresh fruit, maple syrup, honey or jam. Available in quart jars (32 oz) and pint jars (16 oz).

Grass-fed Swiss Yoghurt

Swiss yoghurt is stirred in the vat, creating a smooth, creamy yoghurt that doesn’t separate. This yoghurt is more tart than Greek yoghurt and can be poured. It is excellent in smoothies, on granola, for making yoghurt drinks, with curries - also similar to yoghurt used in Indian cuisine.



Grass-fed Camembert Cheese

A superb French cheese similar to Brie with extra cream. This is a soft cheese great for spreading on crackers, toast, or eating in wedges.

Grass-Fed Milk

Exceptionally rich, this milk is low temperature vat-pasteurized which keeps the structure of the milk more intact than most pasteurized milk, allowing our bodies to digest it more easily.

Available in half gallon plastic jugs.


Grass-Fed Meat

Meat is packaged and frozen. All meat we sell comes from our farm

  • Ground Hamburger (1 lb package)

  • Steaks

  • Roasts

  • Chip Steak